Travel Tips

The following lists includes ideas and necessities when packing for children.  This list was compiled from many experienced travel parents.



Items to have in your toddler's backpack or treasure case:

  • Comfort item (favorite Teddy, toy or blanket)
  • Pack of crayon (best to put a few crayons and markers in zip lock baggie)
  • Coloring book or Activity book (Check out our Travel Activities)
  • Small Cars, animals or dolls (best to separate them in a zip lock baggie)
  • Snacks (crackers, M&M's, or Cheerio's in baggies)
  • Chewy sweets for take-off and landing
  • Small light weight books.

Items to have in your big kid's carry-on:

  • Books
  • Handheld games
  • Deck of Cards
  • Activity or Puzzle Book
  • Books on Tape
  • Ipods, Ipad or E-readers with Headphones
  • Juice or water in a bottle
  • Snacks

Items to have in your carry-on:

  • Surprise Toys.  Pick up a few cheap toys at the dollar store and pull them out only in times of need. 
  • Juice in a spill proof cup or bottle.  Get it ready for take-off.  This will help your child's ears.
  • Bottle of water.  For quick clean-up
  • Small pack of tissues.
  • Pack of travel wet wipes.
  • Medical items: Tylenol (Children's and Adults), Band-Aids and Thermometer.  
  • Doctor's phone numbers.
  • Anti-Bacterial hand spray.
  • Recent photo of your child (in case you lose them in a crowd)
  • Extra bibs.
  • Change of clothes for your child.
  • Extra zip lock bags for trash, dirty diapers or car/air sickness.

Travel Food

  • Individual size of fruit cups or applesauce.
  • Crackers, goldfish, or Cheerio's in small baggies.
  • Individual cereal boxes.
  • Small water bottles.
  • More snacks.  (M&M's are always a good treat to pull out)
  • Juice in a spill proof cup or bottle.


Great Advice from our Customers

  • Fill a small thermos cup with heated macaroni and cheese. Make it the night before and refrigerate. Heat it up in the microwave before leaving for the airport. Stays warm for hours. Bring along a plastic fork and spoon. Zip lock a PBJ sandwich cut in easy to eat quarters and toss in some individual size apple sause or peaches for dessert. For some crunch ziplock some tiny pretzel sticks or goldfish crackers. How fun to have a picnic in the air!
  • You should have lots of gum, and chew it during take-off and landing
  • A few crayons in a ziploc and sheets of paper for drawing or tic-tac-toe. Magnetic travel games like checkers or fractiles for endless designs.
  • Brightly coloured piece of cotton, with contact phone number underside.. and " read if lost" on top side. sewn at one end to childs outer clothing Or attached with a pin. Pin to back of child so child cannot remove. This works anywhere, I have twins. I generally put my mobile phone number as I have it with me on outings.
  • My idea is that you should always have a lost child information package! In it you should have a recent photo of your child and an index card printed with info on your child.
  • On our last car trip with two little ones we wrapped numerous inexpensive toys, games and other activity items in gift wrap. Each time we stopped for fuel, rest or meals, we let each of them open a gift. It worked great, especially when we stopped at places where they didn't want to leave. They couldn't have their gift until they got back in the car. We picked up a lot of items at dollar stores or sales items at other department stores.

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