Traveling to Grandma and Grandpa's for Thanksgiving? Make Your Trip Fun and Easy with These 7 Kid-Friendly Travel Hacks!

Traveling to Grandma and Grandpa's for Thanksgiving? Make Your Trip Fun and Easy with These 7 Kid-Friendly Travel Hacks!

Thanksgiving holds special in our hearts as many of us remember gathering at Grandma and Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving dinner. But if you have little ones, tackling the journey now with kids can be an exciting (or exhausting) adventure all on its own, especially if it requires lengthy travel. No need to worry; we have some great tips to ensure your Thanksgiving travels go smoothly.

1. Pack Their Pillows and Cuddly Friends: Remember to tuck in their favorite pillows, those cozy blankets, and their special stuffed animals. These familiar treasures from home will make the car ride and bedtime at Grandma's feel like home sweet home.

2. Chargers, Chargers, Everywhere: If your trusty tablet is your secret weapon to keep the little ones entertained on the road, remember the chargers! Be sure to have chargers for the car and those wall outlets so you're never caught with a drained battery mid-trip.

3. Explore Fun Stops Along the Way: If you've got a longer drive, plan some exciting pit stops for fresh air and play. Libraries with nearby playgrounds and loads of kids' books are great options for taking a break and stretching your legs.

4. Snacks Galore: A hungry kid is not a happy kid, so arm yourself with a variety of healthy snacks for the car ride. Kids Travel Zone sells personalized lunch boxes and bags to store your food and keep it cool for those much-needed snack breaks.

5. Set Expectations: Chat with your little ones about naptime and bedtime routines at Grandma's. And remember to fill Grandma and Grandpa in on these important details, too.

6. Create a Packing Checklist: A few days before your Thanksgiving adventure, jot down everything you use throughout the day. Remember those comforts of home that may not be readily available at Grandma's. Check out our packing checklist!

7. Bag It Up: Bring along plenty of extra bags for containing trash, collecting messy clothes, and taming any unruly clutter. It's like a superhero movie that keeps your car clean and your sanity intact.

Your trip to Grandma and Grandpa's for Thanksgiving will be filled with cherished memories, partially thanks to these helpful tips. Remember to plan ahead, enjoy the trip, and practice gratitude for a truly fantastic holiday. And, for an extra tip, check out all the travel products available at to make your trip that much easier!

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7th Nov 2023

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